Appending to make variables without "override".

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Appending to make variables without "override".

Kaz Kylheku
Hi all,

Just a thought: wouldn't it be nice if, given:

     FOO := a b c  # note, no 'override' or anything

in the Makefile, we could do this from the command line:

     make FOO+=d

such that FOO ends up "a b c d"? Many Makefiles don't have override;
suppose you want to tweak things from the command line without
touching the Makefile.

I understand that the += syntax already exists in the command line;
it allows for usage like make CFLAGS=-g CFLAGS+=-O.
So the above proposal would be a behavior change in command lines that
use +=
even on the very first assignment. That is not acceptable.

What if there was a way to access the original values of Makefile
variables that have been overridden from the command line?

Proposal:  $(orig <name>) operator.

$(orig FOO) gives "a b c", even if FOO=d has been
specified on the command line.

Then, this is possible:

   make FOO='1 $(orig FOO) d'

FOO ends up with '1 a b c d'.

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