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Bookmarks in make.pdf

Gisle Vanem-2
Some time ago I used this rather simple Makefile
to create a make.pdf containing a bookmark section
on the left side of my PDF-reader:

VERSION := $(shell grep AC_INIT ../ | cut -d']' -f2 | sed -e 's/,\[//g')
DATE    := $(shell date +%d-%B-%Y)
MONTH   := $(shell date +%B-%Y)

make.pdf: gen_version make.texi
   perl /bin/texi2dvi --pdf --output=$@ make.texi

   echo -en '@set VERSION $(VERSION)\n'  \
           '@set UPDATED $(DATE)\n'     \
           '@set UPDATED-MONTH $(MONTH)\n' > version.texi
   echo '' > make-stds.texi
   echo '' > fdl.texi

'texi2dvi' is a Cygwin perl-script that spawns my
MiKTeX pdfTeX (v.1.40.21).

Using the same Makefile now, this no longer produces the
nice bookmarks. Something seems to have changes in the .texi
files (?) to cause this. AFAICS, the '@menu' should do this, no?

How are we supposed to generate a make.pdf that should look
like the attachment? Or here:

Trying the instructions at:

did not generate a make.pdf with bookmarks.


gnu-make-pdf.png (196K) Download Attachment