output-sync test mistake?

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output-sync test mistake?

Christian Weisgerber
GNU make 4.3

There is some suspicious code in tests/scripts/features/output-sync
that looks like a copy-and-paste error.  Note that changing it also
breaks one of the tests run there because the output order changes.

Is this an actual mistake?  Maybe I should try to understand the
logic of the test...

--- tests/scripts/features/output-sync.orig
+++ tests/scripts/features/output-sync
@@ -59,8 +59,8 @@ $set_bar_start = output_sync_set('bar_start');
 $wait_foo = output_sync_wait('foo');
 $wait_bar = output_sync_wait('bar');
-$wait_foo_start = output_sync_set('foo_start');
-$wait_bar_start = output_sync_set('bar_start');
+$wait_foo_start = output_sync_wait('foo_start');
+$wait_bar_start = output_sync_wait('bar_start');
 open(MAKEFILE,"> foo/Makefile");
 print MAKEFILE <<EOF;
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