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problem with make

I trying to compile a new project using opendds generation system.
I get the following error when I  use make :
make[1]: Entering directory 'blurred/OpenDDS-3.13/java/tests/onMyOwn'
GNUmakefile.OnMyOwn:308: *** multiple target patterns.  Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory 'blurred/OpenDDS-3.13/java/tests/onMyOwn'
GNUmakefile:35: recipe for target 'OnMyOwn' failed
make: *** [OnMyOwn] Error 2
here is a copy of line 308 :
OnMyOwnTypeSupportImpl.h OnMyOwnTypeSupport.idl OnMyOwnTypeSupportImpl.cpp: OnMyOwn.idl
$(subst $(SPACE),\$(SPACE),$(call ADD_ARCH,$(OPENDDS_IDL_DEP))) $(call
        $(if $(findstring ",$(OPENDDS_IDL)),$(OPENDDS_IDL),$(call ADD_QUOTE,$(call
ADD_ARCH,$(OPENDDS_IDL)))) -Sa -St -Wb,java -Wb,export_macro=OnMyOwn_Export
I'll appreciate any help and will provide more intel on this if needed.

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Re: problem with make

Paul Smith-20
On Tue, 2018-10-23 at 10:07 -0500, Deyesta wrote:
> OnMyOwnTypeSupportImpl.h OnMyOwnTypeSupport.idl OnMyOwnTypeSupportImpl.cpp:
> OnMyOwn.idl ...

It's difficult to understand this because your mail client wrapped all
the lines.

However, I believe the issue is you've added a target named
"" to your rule.  There are a number
of characters that are special to make and cannot be used directly in
target or prerequisite lists, and ":" is one of them.

You can use colons but you have to escape them with backslashes:

...  OnMyOwn\ OnMyOwnTypeSupportImpl.cpp: OnMyOwn.idl ...

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